This website is the collection for all original comics I’ve drawn and written so far! There are many stories I want to tell, and so I thought it’d be easier if I had everything in one place. Currently, I’m working on The Reaper and the Waiting. Remember Me: The Story of Lang Wen is currently on hold while The Brightness of Solace is still in the very early stages of “pre-production”.

On this blog, my comics will be in traditional comic-book format. You can find them in Line Webtoon format here (or type “jayessart” in the search bar).

NOTE: Please do NOT use/repost any art on this blog without my explicit permission!


The Reaper and the Waiting

A short comic about a Grim Reaper and a mysterious soul that follows him around everywhere. But something about that soul seems painfully, achingly familiar…

Remember Me: The Story of Lang Wen

The story of Jin Shuilang, a lone merman, who tries to atone for the mistakes of his past that left his best friend, Huo Liusheng, fatally injured. He was able to save Liusheng’s soul for reincarnation, but such things come with costs. After a century of searching and regretting not having realized his feelings for Liusheng sooner, he finally finds the reincarnation of his best friend, now a human named Xiao Wen. But the price of a second chance may be more than he can bear.

The Brightness of Solace


Diary Comics

Everyday life shenanigans stories from me, my friends, and my family.

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